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Manlighet/ManlinessPosted by Maziyar Khallagi 26 Sep, 2011 09:40

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings" Henry David Thoreau

What is a "good friend"?, you may ask. How can I describe him? In my life I have had many friends and seen different friendships. In times of trouble many true friends will cry with you but very few can honestly feel and rejoice with you. If you ask me, what a good friend is, I tell you that he or she is one who can and will enjoy your sucesses without envying you. I advise you to look for a person of good character and strong moral fiber of humor, respect, courage and conviction. Treasure these kind of persons since they are few. So friendship is not a big thing, it is a million little things.

A common characteristic habit of strong people is to have "no friends not equal to your self", as the chinese philosopher Confucius said. For me this means that I only befriend people of equal or greater standards as compared to my own. For me it makes sense befriending people capable of influencing me towards becoming better and never less that what I am. I suggest you follow that road as well.

How can I make my friendship last?, you may ask. In my experience and one of my observations is that most of the good friends have similar tastes. They usually like and dislike the same things. They usually have the same personality traits, especially the important fundamental values such as honesty, loyalty, sincerity and dependability. To be liked and respected by someone you admire and respect will help filling up your confidence for it indicates that you in turn are being admired, respected and sought for companionship. Making friends and maintaining a good friendship involves reaching out, thoughtfulness and truely caring. Good friendship needs time. Important that you have phone call at least once a month and a lunch at least every two months. Do not allow to much time to pass between the contacts. Remember that good friendships need tending!

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