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Manlighet/ManlinessPosted by Maziyar Khallagi 07 Nov, 2011 09:52

"There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave and the one you wish you gave." - Dale Carnegie

How well you will perform as a public speaker is unknown but I believe you will have the three basic ingredients to succeed. 1) Your mouth 2) Your mind 3) Two feet to stand. I will now give you some simple tips how to use them to give better presentations.

How you send the words from your mouth is very important. Start practicing your articulation so you pronounce the words clearly enough for listeners to understand easily what you are saying. It is very important that you prepare you speech since practicing the actual delivery will take some time. I recommend that you start by reading your speech out loud for yourself. Maybe in front of the mirror. Then you can ask someone, maybe a friend, to listen and tell you which words are not coming across clear enough. This helps you to get your message out so people will understand what you are saying.

I have met some great public speakers and all of them are masters of the breathing technique. I want you to take a deep breath and present whole sentences or at least complete clauses of long sentences at one time. Never start a sentence half out of breath since you may run out of breath completely half way through a word which makes a awful presentation. And then we have the shaking knees and pounding heart and shaking hands. One easy way to control those things is to place both your hands firmly on either side of your desk. I have some more techniques that I can share with you. You will be amazed how physical support will help your presentation.

After a while you will realize that most of your nervousness will disappear after you make a couple of public speaches. For that to happen you need to have the confidence of knowing that you did your homework by preparing a good text and presentation and that you have something of value to share. After all the best way to sound like you know what you are talking about is to actually know what you are talking about!

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