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Manlighet/ManlinessPosted by Maziyar Khallagi 21 Nov, 2011 11:46

"The three horrors of modern life - talk without meaning, desire without love, work without satisfaction." - Mignon McLaughlin

I had a chat with my mentor yesterday and he asked me some questions that opened my mind even more. We talked about my observation of the world and how I can be even better. I decided to use my letter today using the knowledge I received yesterday. I believe that there are some questions that we need to find the answers to on a daily basis. What is going on in your community? What new challenges are facing your neighborhood? Our government? Your business industry? Who are the personalities influencing the world/local opinion? Anyone new? Are there any recent breakthroughs that create opportunities for you?

I strongly believe that we all need to be better observers and evaluators of what is going on around us. After all every event can affect us in a way or another. It may leave an imprint on what we will be and how we live our lives. Life is not about getting through the day. It is more about getting from the day by observing and reflecting what is happening around us. For that you need flexibility and conciousness. So my advise is, be alert and awake to get the subtle messages life gives you. Some of the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden in meaningless events of life. If you are not a good observer, you may miss them.

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