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Manlighet/ManlinessPosted by Maziyar Khallagi 28 Nov, 2011 12:40

"Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized and available in a format of decision making, it is a burden and not a benefit." - Willian Pollard

During my business life, I have realized how important it is to work on a well organized desk. This is actually an ability that can be learned by anyone. The difficult part is breaking away from current habits of piling up paperwork and documents. However I have good news for you, you can clean up this mess in less than three hours by following these six simple steps:

1) Start by removing everything from your desk. EVERYTHING!

2) Clean your desk now by using a damp cloth. Do this for the entire desk.

3) Get yourself different boxes and label them depending on the office supplies you have. You may have a box for only pens, another one for letterheads etc.

4) Go through your papers and office supplies. I believe you will find some that you don´t need anymore. Keep a handy trash container to dispose these items.

5) Now is the time to organize your office supplies and all the apperwork in accordancce to how often they are used. Items being accessed frequently, need to be placed in a spot that is easily reachable. Maybe in your desk drawers or shelves close to your desk. Items that are only accessed once a week or month, can be placed further away.

6) Schedule one hour every friday afternoon for organizing your desk. It is important that you stick to your schedule. After all it´s for your own good.

Following these six steps creates a working desk that is both functional and neat. I know that I can work with a clear mind then.

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