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Utbildningar Om Mental Tuffhet

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Manlighet/ManlinessPosted by Maziyar Khallagi 23 Jan, 2012 13:47

I have been in contact with several successful people in my life and most of them recommended me to read the bestseller book "The Alchemist". Subtitled "A fable about following your dreams" this is a story about Santiago, an andalusian shepherd boy who dreams of a certain treasure in far off Egypy and sets off in search of it. During his travels, Santiago meets with people who assist him, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, with his quest. Eventually he meets an alchemist in the dessert who becomes his guru and opens his eyes to the true values in life, suffering and love. At the end of his journey, Santiago learns that the treasure he has been pursuing all this time is not at all what he first imagined but he realizes that his pilgrimage has had its own intrinsic value, irrespective of what he had found at the end. During his search for the treasure and travels he has become reconciled to his own self and learned to recognize his own purpose in life.

You can say that Santiago and his heart had finally become friends and neither was capable of betraying the other any longer!

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